Bitcoin Will Save Us

#16 - History of Money and Inflation

October 16, 2021 Colin Stuckert Episode 28
Bitcoin Will Save Us
#16 - History of Money and Inflation
Show Notes

💡 Today's Big Idea

If you believe in property rights, then you must believe in sound money since fiat robs the wealth of humanity.

If you believe in natural law and human rights, you believe in #bitcoin

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      • I’m Your Host Colin Stuckert of The Better Human Company, and I believe Bitcoin is the ultimate Trojan horse for freedom that is going to bring financial sovereignty to 8 billion humans. As a Freedom Advocate, I believe Bitcoin is our best chance at a better future, so I’m doing my part to help us get there.
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      • Our Mission is To Build sovereign individuals and communities through Bitcoin and education so those that need access to the global economy more than anyone can actually benefit from humanity’s prosperity so they can then take their destiny into their own hands rather than having to rely on Western’s.
      • Mission: Bring financial sovereignty to humanity through bitcoin-focused education by getting a pre-loaded device with a FREE Eduction, courses, videos, and instructions on how to use the lightning network.
      • Unsound money ENSLAVES humanity - a problem we are solving? Multiple. We are giving access to the global economy, the creator economy to those that need it most - the simple ability to accept payments for work rendered gives agency and ownership to individuals instead of them having to rely on DOLE/Charity.
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