Bitcoin Will Save Us

#18 - Bitcoiners Are the Remnant

October 20, 2021 Colin Stuckert Episode 30
Bitcoin Will Save Us
#18 - Bitcoiners Are the Remnant
Show Notes

Today I discuss this article in Bitcoin Magazine: Read this article

Read it a few times; it's that good.

Here are some highlights I discuss:

Contrast them to the many “influencers” out there spewing the same old artificial beyond-meat manure about “mass adoption” and “building followers” by “trying to make it accessible for everyone.

As a Bitcoiner, diluting your message and your mission to “appeal to the masses” is the greatest fraud you can commit. It’s the pathway to emptiness, to regret and to deep meaninglessness… into the abyss of the masses.

Those who want the best for you are by definition those who demand the best from you.

I find democracy to be abhorrent, and it’s frustrating that the source of human flourishing and progress, i.e., free exchange, property rights and individual ingenuity/productivity, has been conflated with dEmOcRaTiC rule.

The reality is far harsher. Democracy is more accurately the parasite that has benefited from the prosperity of free markets and continued to leech resources, capacity and energy alongside human flourishing.

Democracy emerged in the West as a reaction by the masses, to the prosperity created by the free markets of the Remnant. The rising tide lifted all of the boats and with it came a wave of new capital that the parasitic masses could feed on. Hence, they created, rather mindlessly, a more sophisticated way of stealing from people. The idea:

Give the Remnant enough space to innovate and produce, and then just take all their shit after the fact.

The way of the masses is always a tragedy of the commons.

Democracies create legal, public monopolies, run by popularity contest winners with no skin in the game. They appeal to and always devolve into the rule of the masses where morality and the consequences of stupidity are socialized, and often carried or paid for by the productive members of society.

The sales pitch sounds nicer on the surface, but in reality, it’s a much greater burden on society because it, a) has the capacity to last, and b) empowers the masses to think they’re somehow in charge, while they proceed to blindly obey their parasitic overlords.

Bitcoin is for the Remnant.

Crypto is for the masses.

The masses are generally on the wrong side of history because of the madness inherent in crowds. They only find themselves “right” when it’s the default position. After the truth, forged forth by the Remnant, finally prevails.

💡 Today's Big Idea

If you believe in property rights, then you must believe in sound money since fiat robs the wealth of humanity.

If you believe in natural law and human rights, you believe in #bitcoin

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